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The recommendations of the report that we delivered at the end of the test are based on our experience, even though they have given us positive results when applied in different customer sites, we can not guarantee that it works for you in the same way, remember that success Of each depends on their own knowledge, ability to learn, dedication, desire and motivation. As in any business, we can not guarantee 100% that you will obtain positive results by implementing the ideas expressed in the report delivered. Now, we want the ideas set out here to help you build a strong and profitable business.
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This project would not have been possible without the people who have collaborated to make this project come to light. We thank the time and effort invested in the development of this project to Mario Rodriguez, Abraham Garcia, Albert Mañas, Kia Louise Cochrane y Albert Pastor. We also appreciate the support of e-commerce expert Jordi Oller ( or his unselfish collaboration in the recommendations.