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Answer the following questions about your online shop. At the end you will receive your valuation and report with detailed solutions to increase your credibility and trust of your online shop.

Do you show a contact telephone in all of the pages of your ecommerce?
Do you have and use a “live” chat in your ecommerce?
Do you make visible the hours of customer service where a response is expected at the moment?
Is there occasions when you can’t answer a phone call o message on the chat in the customer service hours?
Are your contact forms of easy access?
Can you easily see a email contact in your ecommerce page?
Do you respond to your visitors/buyers emails in less than 24 hours?
Do you have a sections “who we are” or “about us” where you explain about the company and its activities?
Do you show pictures of your team and links to their professional profiles?
Do you show the values with which your business is committed?
Do you have a section of frequently asked questions?
Do you use any mechanism to obtain opinions of previous users on your platform through a well known external service?
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Do you control the publications of the users on your platform through a well known external service?
Do you show quality stamps that are audited by an outside company?
Do you show any labels from awards or acknowledgments your ecommerce has earned?
Do you show information about mentions and news about your ecommerce appeared in media and other formats?
Do you clearly show your return and refund policy?
Do you mention if you work with recognized external platforms and media for the management of online payments?
Do you use a secure connection: https on all your pages?
Do you show the physical address where your business is located?
Are the texts of your ads consistent with your online store?
Do you systematically review your platform to solve broken links, problems in forms and other aspects that generate bad user experience and mistrust about the professionalism of your ecommerce?
Do you clearly inform your users which fields of the forms are mandatory and which are optional?
Have you enabled clear messages to help your visitors when they made mistakes in the registration or payment process, explaining what they should check, complete or mark?
Do you make it clear to your visitors that you will make correct use of the data that you request during the registration or purchase process?
Do you use tools or functionalities that allow your visitors to share in your social profiles the purchases made in your store?
Do you offer your visitors the possibility of seeing in your store friends and acquaintances from their social networks that have liked your trade and / or have made purchases in it?
Do you show all your tax information from your online store?
Do you show the data required by law if you carry out a regulated activity: number of collegiate, academic title, etc ... and who issued them?
Do you send advertising or other commercial information to users who have not given you their prior consent?
Do you communicate the delivery date?
Do you indicate to your users what step of the registration or purchase process they are in at each moment?
Do you use easy and intuitive mechanisms to remove products from the shopping cart during the payment process?
Do you offer at least 3 different forms of payment in your Ecommerce?
Do you have automated sending of immediate emails after making a purchase?
Do you make it possible to track your shipments so that your buyers know where the delivery is?